What does FCA regulation
mean for my business?

"What is the consumer credit act?"
"What does consumer credit regulation mean for my firm?"

These are questions we help our clients to answer every day. You can rely on our specialist expertise of conducting business under regulation to make things simple and real for you. Working with CCAS will ensure you peace of mind that you’re doing things in the right way. We’ll help you to minimise the impact on your business and turn compliance into a competitive advantage.

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Whatever your business,
you're in safe hands

If your business is one of over 50,000 in the UK who offer consumer credit you are now subject to regulation and you can rely on CCAS to support you.

You will be affected if you are involved in vehicle finance and leasing, secured and unsecured lending, short term lending, pawn broking, asset finance, debt management, credit hire, retail purchase finance and insurance. CCAS work closely with members of BVRLA, NPA, DRF, DEMSA, FLA, CFA and ASTL to support authorisation, compliance and liaison.

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Supporting you every step of the way

The first stage of the process – understand what’s needed and put down the foundations of your regulatory framework.
To continue doing business you must achieve authorisation by successfully completing your application by your specified landing slot.
Staying compliant
The most important part of the process – training, record keeping, outcome testing, complaints management, remediation and guarding against financial crime
From routine reporting to enforcement – all firms at some stage will have cause to deal directly with the regulator or the Ombudsman.

Our Management Team

With CCAS you get an unparalleled level of expertise in the field of conducting consumer credit business under regulation.

Michael Couzens
Michael has a very high level of technical knowledge. With 25 years of experience in conduct risk and corporate governance and having held control functions in large regulated firms, he has a thorough understanding of how to do business under regulation.
Stephen Atkins
Senior Associate
Stephen has a lifetime of experience in financial services both in practice and in an advisory capacity. His specialist expertise has secured his place on the FCA skilled persons panel and he is frequently called upon as an expert witness in complex legal cases.
John Turner
John has a particular skill in implementing customer centric change through the design and delivery of outcome testing and root cause analysis. Before setting up the RFS Group which includes CCAS, John held senior positions in the largest regulatory outsourcing companies in the UK.
Steve Bloor
Senior Consultant
Steve is an expert in consumer credit, compliance and risk with over 20 years’ experience in financial services. He has operated to a senior level and held control functions. With a degree in law Steve has acted on many consumer credit regulation matters.

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