Supporting you every step of the way

Staying compliant

After you have achieved your permission the next stage is to evidence that you are operating responsibly and in the ways that you proposed in your application.

To stay compliant you must keep up to date records, ensure staff are well trained, monitor outcomes and be proactive by asking questions like “is our framework fit for purpose?” and “are we treating customers fairly?”.

Regulation in the UK is constantly moving. Rules may change, industry best practice will develop and firms will innovate to seek new sources of competitive advantage. Working with CCAS will ensure that you are kept current and well supported.

We are specialists in risk management, quality monitoring, complaints management, guarding against financial crime and in ensuring correct governance. CCAS can carry out audits, outcome testing, root cause analysis, remediation and training.  We have the resources and experience to be able to deliver our solutions nationwide and across large networks so whatever the size and scale of your business you can rely on CCAS.